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CAH Undergraduate Curriculum Support

The College of Arts and Humanities Undergraduate Curricular Area works with departments and programs on undergraduate catalog, curriculum, and scheduling matters. We assist all CAH undergraduate program coordinators, faculty, and staff, while also serving as the liaison between Undergraduate Studies, the Registrar’s Office, and other campus units. We process undergraduate curriculum and scheduling items, coordinate undergraduate catalog changes, conduct training and workshops on college and university procedures, and represent CAH at University meetings.

This site includes information on CAH undergraduate curriculum processes, as well as sample resources, to help programs easily navigate university policies. For more information, contact us at

The Process

  • Proposed curricular changes (program changes, new course proposals, course revisions) are approved first at the department/program level. Honors courses should be approved through the UHC. Then, they:
  • Move to the college level. Signed, hard copies of forms go to Trisha Farmer (CAH 190F), and electronic copies go to CAH reviews and distributes to the C&S committee. Once approved, they:
  • Move to the appropriate University committee: UPCC (for program changes) or UCRC (for Course Action & Special Topics requests). Once approved, they:
  • Go to Tallahassee for final review.

The undergraduate curricular cycle typically begins in August and ends in early December. Although curricular changes can happen quickly, you should submit materials approximately one year before you plan to implement them; doing so will help you to meet other University & College deadlines (including those for the undergraduate catalog and/or course scheduling).

Choosing the Correct Forms

All required forms are located at the Undergraduate Studies website.

  • Course Action Requests (CARs): used for course revisions, deletions, or new-course proposals. Note: an ST is implicit in a new-course proposal, so there is no need to submit both a CAR and an ST form if you are proposing a new course.
  • Special Topics (STs): used for courses that need a trial run to gauge student interest (before making them permanent). Typically, these are also used for BHC seminars. ST courses can be only be offered twice (four times for Honors courses).
  • Equipment Fee Forms: for equipment fees associated with a program; used for purchase, maintenance, and repair of equipment. All students in the program are charged and the amount may not exceed $90. The college deadline for these forms is typically in October.
  • Materials & Supplies (M&S): for fees associated with a specific course; used for items that are "expendable or consumable." Currently, the fee limit is $70. The college deadline for these forms is typically in October.
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