College of Arts and Humanities Graduate Support

Course Additions & Revisions

Course Action Requests (CARs) are used for making changes to existing courses, to request course deletions, or to propose a new (and permanent) course offering.  Special Topics (ST) forms are also used to propose new courses, but typically these are courses that need a trial run in order to gauge student interest (before making them permanent).  Typically, BHC seminars should be submitted with the ST form.  ST courses can only be scheduled twice (four times for Honors courses). 

CAR and ST forms are available at the Undergraduate Studies website.

See also our how-to guide on "Completing a CAR", "CAR-ST Submission Checklist", and "CAR Undergrad How-To Guide"

In order to help track course and program additions/revisions/deletions, a course approval log will be accessible on this site. Please click on the excel spreadsheet below to see the progress of a particular course.

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