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CAH Honors Curriculum

Generally, you will submit a Special Topics form for Honors course proposals unless you are honorizing a course that already exists at the undergraduate level. Burnett Honors College (BHC) courses go through the same steps that non-Honors courses go through, with a few exceptions:

  • These courses must be approved through the Honors College before they are submitted to CAH.
  • Forms should list “Consent of Honors” for prerequisites.
  • “With Honors content” should be added to the end of BHC Course Descriptions.

BHC Interdisciplinary Seminars

  • Syllabi and ST forms must be identical (excluding course prefix and Chair signatures)
  • Must go through the process simultaneously. Departments should coordinate with one another to make sure that both sets of forms go up together.

Honors Versions of Existing Courses

  • Use a CAR, not an ST: these will become permanent courses in the catalog.
  • Syllabus must clearly indicate the Honors content and assignments that distinguish it from the non-Honors version.
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