College of Arts and Humanities Graduate Support

Undergraduate Program Changes

Proposed program changes must be entered into the University Courses and Undergraduate Curriculum Database (UC2) before being submitted to the college. In UC2, you will:

  • Update catalog copy
  • Upload your program change memo
  • Approve and submit program changes up to the college level

Although UC2 keeps electronic copies of your materials, you will still need to send both electronic and hard copies of the following to CAH: Signed Program Recommendation Form, Program Change Memo, and pdf of catalog changes (this is the “Comparison Document” in the “Download” tab in UC2).

You must include a memo and program recommendation form for all changes, even cosmetic changes or updated contact information.

The college deadline for submitting program change requests is typically in October.

Reviewing Catalog Copy

Programs will be required to review their catalog copy before it is published (usually in the Spring). During this blueline-editing process, you should:

  • Verify that your approved program changes have been made and are correctly displayed
  • Review program information, department/program listings, faculty names
  • When possible, verify that new courses are included in the course listings

Please note that this final review is not the time to make additional changes to your program.

See also our "Program Changes Checklist"

In order to help track course and program additions/revisions/deletions, a program approval log will be accessible on this site. Please click on the excel spreadsheet below to see the progress of a particular program.

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